Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Drivel - Kittens Get Neutered

Photo --- Toi sleeping with her head draped over Molly's neck. The white spot on Toi's forehead is her clinic ID number. I just forgot to take it off when we got home. But they were resting so comfortably that I didn't want to disturb them just yet. 

Today our two new kittens were spayed. Both have gained enough weight and appear healthy. So off they went with me to the clinic. They joined 143 other cats. 

Working these clinics makes for a long day, but one that I find rewarding. Getting these cats neutered prevents hundreds of unwanted kittens who would suffer a worse fate than Toi and Molly went through. Toi and Molly survived their ordeal and ended up in a home, but hundreds and hundreds of unwanted kittens die horrible agonizing deaths. Neutering the prospective parents can prevent that cruelty. 

Every clinic sees 100-200 cats. And there's yet more out there that need neutering. Why? Foremost is the unthinking, uncaring, or callous owners who don't neuter their cats and ditch the kittens someplace. Their unfeeling behavior results in a never ending flood of misery. It totally boggles me that people refuse to neuter their cat. You say because it's expensive? Poppycock! Advocats will neuter for free. You say because the owner can't transport the cat? Bull! Someone will come get it for them. You say it's because they don't have a carrier, or can't catch the cat? Gosh dang it! Traps are available to borrow for free. In fact, I personally set out the traps, transport the cats. excuses. It just comes down to some warped sense of living their sex life through their pets....or some outmoded cultural sense of animal wholeness that doesn't take into consideration animal suffering. Geez Loiuse, cut me a break! Ok, ok, I'll stop preaching to the choir. But I'm still pissed off that I drove all the way into town this morning to pick up several cats only to find a husband refusing the let the cats get neutered. Heaven forbid we neuter his precious tomcat or the numerous "girlfriends". All I could keep thinking in my head poor little example of a man, getting off watching your cat mating with another cat. By some mystery all the little kittens that get born disappear. If I catch him killing or ditching those kittens, we are going to need to call the police. It's gonna be a scene. 

Yes, I get hot about men who won't neuter their pets. Women are far more realistic about this. Why are you guys so resistant? It's not like I'm trying to get you neutered yourself, though heaven knows it would be a very good idea in some cases. 

Ok, that's enough. I'll stop for now.....until the next clinic rolls around. Oh did I tell you that the next dog clinic is in one week? Give me 2-3 days and I'll get all ramped up about that one, too. So if your dog isn't neutered yet and you don't have an ironclad excuse, you had better hope you don't see me coming your way. 


  1. I've said it before - THANK YOU!! We had a Maui "cat lady" who fed the ferals somewhere by Oluwalu, or maybe by Kihei, who was harassed by okole-headed kanakas. I suspect she tried to get the cats neutered, too, but I know there's a similar free spay/neuter program there. Please keep up the great service there, maybe get the local news folk to do a story, get some donation jars into a few shops, maybe, get a Boy Scout to do his Eagle Scout project at the clinic.....yeah, I was a Boy Scout, too.