Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Drivel - I've Been Occupied

The blog has been quiet the past few days because I've been occupied. This week sees me volunteering a not one, but two canine neuter clinics. Crazy, no? But the group I volunteer with is very close to neutering 1000 dogs this year, so they're doing a some extra work to reach that goal. 
Today seemed to be predominately puppies. Several pups ranging from 6 1/2 weeks to about 5 months of age. Being neutered today, these little fellas will be put up for adoption this weekend at the local Petco. With Christmas on its way, I'm sure they will get homed. 
A volunteer, above, poses some of the pups for a photo. Their picture will get posted on Facebook. And any not spoken for by Saturday will attended adoption day in Kona. 
Friday will be the final neuter clinic of the year. That plus a couple of neutered already scheduled for next week should bring the year total to 1000. 

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