Sunday, August 3, 2014

Drivel - Negative Emails

I just discovered something interesting. Most people who read my blog not only don't know how to post a comment, but they also didn't know how to contact me via email. Since posting instructions on how to email me, I've been flooded with notes from readers. How nice. But for many I did something that may surprise them.....I quickly hit the delete button. These deleted emails were aggressively derogatory, accusing, demanding, angry, attacking. Sorry folks, if you sent something along those lines I didn't even read them. They got trashed and marked spam. 

For some reason people nowadays seem to believe it is alright to attack others via the Internet. They hide behind faceless, nameless emails and freely spew their venom. In my opinion, their behavior is rude, nasty, vile, cruel, heartless, thoughtless, disrespectful, hateful.  Um, did I miss anything? I've been called a murderer, animal abuser, animal slave master, stupid, poor trash, shortsighted, crazy. Well, I don't mind the crazy tag all that much. Being known as a little bit crazy gives me a lot of leeway when going through life. One email said my advice (I try not to give advice. I just tell how I do things.) is contributing to the weakening of the economy, it is people like me who are bringing the country down. Others accused me of endangering people via my use of non-sterilized compost, manures, and urine. Many contained warnings (not polite warnings, but I-know-better-than-you demands) about eating homegrown foods, especially raw vegetables, milk, honey, and eggs. I've been called all sorts of names for supporting the Hawaiian subsistence hunters. 

I don't respond to such email. If they aren't respectful, then they haven't earned my respect of a reply. And quite frankly, as soon as the email gets nasty, I just delete it. So fair warning-- if you have something important to offer, say it at the beginning of your email not the end. 

When I was a child I was told that if I didn't have something nice to say, then don't say it. The adults around me meant it! I was corrected if I said something mean. Plus if my behavior was angry, mean, miserable, down, I was sent to my room. I wasn't allowed to associate with the family or my friends if I was being negative. I still remember being sent back to my room after coming to the breakfast table grumpy. Mother would not tolerate it. Nope. I couldn't return to the table until I was "nice" and had a smile on my face. 

So folks, if you want to send me a comment, be "nice and have a smile on your face". Otherwise your email will be sent to your room.....oh I mean, marked spam and automatically sent to the trashcan. 

By the way, I welcome suggestions and your ideas. But not your anger. 


  1. Wow. I'm really sorry to hear that you receive such negative email. However, I'm very happy to hear that you know what to do with it - delete. For what it's worth, I find your posts interesting and informative and in no way do I feel you're trying to tell people what to do. You're just tell us what it is YOU do. Thanks and don't stop! - Chris

  2. I used to have a little Dymo label across the top of my monitor:
    "Non Carborundum Illegitimi"
    Loosely translated from Latin, it says "Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down".

  3. I too was told as a child that if I could not say something nice, to just not say it...and I passed that along to my own children...I can understand it if someone disagrees with what you say, but to insult just because they disagree is, as you say, rude, nasty, vile, cruel, heartless, thoughtless, disrespectful, and hateful. No need for that.

    I enjoy reading about your life, struggles and victories. I admire your spirit and 'stick-with-it-ness'...and I agree with Barry's comment!

    Imua, Su Ba.... Ignore the illegitimi and imua!