Sunday, August 24, 2014

Chickens, a Gateway "Drug"

Chickens are a gateway animal. I'm convinced of that. I've been watching people who get one or two chickens...just for fresh breakfast eggs they say...and before long things get dirty. Dirty like in compost, gardens, livestock and manure. 
--Kris got two banties for eggs. Now he's growing beans, lettuce, tomatoes. 
--Patrick bought two red sex link pullets from me. Now he's built a small raised bed for veggies and a pen for raising a piglet. 
--Herb bought a few chicks two years ago. Now he's got a beehive, more chickens, and a fledgling vegetable garden. He's also put in some fruit trees. 
--Mitch started out with 6 pullets and now raises his own lamb. He just planted a small orchard of bananas and papayas. 
--Judy started out with a few chickens then planted some banana trees. Now she's got a 2 acre orchard of assorted fruits plus a couple of raised beds for veggies. 
--Liz moved into a place that had a couple hens running around. The farming bug bite her hard. She now has fruit trees, gardens, coffee, sheep, turkeys, and farm dogs.

See what happens if you let a few chickens hang around. It must be some sort of virus that those dang chickens are carrying. Before long you go a bit crazy and start adding other farmy stuff. It gets to be addictive. 
Yup, for sure ....they're a gateway drug, oops I mean, gateway livestock. Get a few chickens and you don't know where your life will be heading next. It will be out of your control. Before long you'll be lusting after seed catalogs, buying rolls of livestock wire for making pens, comparing the ingredients lists of feed bags. You're ruined for life. You'll never be content to live in the city ever again. 

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