Saturday, August 2, 2014

Drivel - Gate Climbing

Remember the story of how I acquired the trailer? How I charged up the road on my ATV only to find the farm gate already locked on the macnut farm at the end of my road? How I scaled the gate to get in? Well........."CarboniJJ" begged via email to see the gate that I climbed. And "CarboniJJ" wasn't the only one who was curious, so I've decided to post the photo. Here it is : 
Yes folks, I climbed that gate. About 7' high at the spot that i went up and over. Not bad for an old foggie, eh? But my only other option was to climb a welded wire fence that had two strands of barbed wire on top. Oh, not a good alternative. No way. So I opted to risk breaking my neck rather than take a chance of wrecking my .......... (fill in the blank) on the barbed wire. That reminds me of an old joke......

 Little Johnny came home one day all excited and out of breathe. 
Johnny : "Mommy, Mommy, ......Bobby fell while climbing over Mr. Smith's barbed wire fence and ripped his enus."
Johnny's mom corrects him... 
Mom: "That's rectum, dear." 
Johnny : "Rectum? Damn near killed em!!" 

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