Thursday, May 29, 2014

Visiting the Volcano

Hubby took a couple days off from work and we decided to work a bit on a house project then take some time to visit our local volcano. Before the main caldera began to erupt a couple years ago, we use to spend quite a bit of time in the park. The trails around and through the main crater were our favorite. But since the caldera eruption started, our favorite trails are closed. Somehow this has slowed down our visits to the park even though there are still plenty of other trails to enjoy. Anyway, we ended the evening with an excellent Thai meal at the local restaurant, then a goodnight "kiss" to the volcano. Visiting the caldera at dusk, we could already see the red glow in the fumes escaping the caldera. The darker the night becomes, the more impressive the glow. I've seen the glow really light up the sky at times and it is readily visible 30 miles away. 

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