Friday, May 23, 2014

The Daily Drivel

It has been pointed out to me that I missed posting a day. Well, it's not that I'm ignoring my followers, but things get quite busy on a homestead. Some days are constant activity from 5:30 am till dark. By then I'm often too mentally bushed to be competent enough to post anything at all that's coherent. 

Friday has been one of those days. Farm chores in the morning, then run to Kona.....actually I drove the truck. Running there would take me days, assuming that I didn't die of a heart attack in the process.  :)

Stop at Greenwell garden for some new sugar cane keiki.

 Stop at feed store for hay cubes and a salt lick. Pick up the special wood order of cedar T&G,  which was my main reason for driving two hours. 
Pick up a load of 2 x6s for making a small deck off the back of the house. 
Another bunch of pine boards for finishing up the ceiling transitions. And some thin cedar sheathing for covering over the roof rafters in the newly enclosed lanai. More nails, caulk, and wood glue. More blue tape. Whoa...pretty colors.....two flowering hibiscus just happened to jump into my shopping cart. Aahh, they want me to adopt them, how sweet. 
Add a shop vac, a roll of plastic coated chicken wire, a roll of coated 3x2 garden wire fencing, fence clips, 5 gallon bucket with lid, one sack of mortar mix. 

I swung by the floor tile department and discovered that the tile that we've been looking for was now in stock. I wish I hadn't bought all those hay cubes, but with some creative rearranging, I managed to get 11 boxes of tiles wedged in. 
I have to pass on buying the wood for the door sills, the catchment tank liner, and the greenhouse poly. Since I have to make another Kona run next Wednesday, I'll plan on picking them up on that trip. 

Days like today put a major dent in my weekly work projects. Other than tending to the livestock, nothing gets done on the homestead. Oh, it's not a wasted day by any means. But when I look at my time budget, I have to accept that there will be 3-4 days a month where the time budget gets thrown out the window. Today it was for shopping, but I'd rather prefer the days when it's devoted to going to the beach! 


  1. So good to see you like hibiscuses (hibisci?) - but spray with something like neem now and every so often. They are magnets for all kine scale, aphids, so they may already have a lurker in their leaves. I love them anyway, and someday, I pot some up and try to shelter them in the winter.
    And fercryinoutloud, feel free to skip a Or just say "blah blah blah - now get over it".
    Better you got the materiel with no dents in da truck - plans get dents that repair automatically!