Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lanai Ceiling

Three more stages need to be done in order for the lanai project to be complete. The rafters need to be sheathed and painted, the trim finished, and the floor tile laid. First step...rafters. 

We initially were just going to sand and paint the rafters, but hubby decided that would look crappy. The 2x6s are rough and would need a lot of sanding and filler to make them look nice. So we're taking some thin pine and sheathing each rafter. This will bulk up the 2x6 rafter and look much classier. We still intend to paint the rafters, we're now calling them beams in our minds, a pale vanilla color. 
In this photo, only the closest rafter is fully sheathed. The dark line seen on the others is actually the dark painted 2x6 rafter underneath the pine sheathing. Once all the pine is in place, you won't see any dark anymore. 
I have to agree with hubby, they will look better this way. 

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