Monday, May 12, 2014

The Daily Drivel

As promised, I am trying to make a post every day. But today it ain't gonna be much worth tuning in for. Nada about homesteading, gardening, food, livestock. Some days are like that.

Today I missed out on my tai chi class, gardening, and other projects in order to spend the day helping out a new veterinarian to the spay/neuter project trying her hand at dong very young puppies. All ended well, but like anytime someone new is trying to do something unfamiliar, things went along slowly. Yes, I admit it....I was bored. That's a rare phenomena for me. But I was trapped and bored, and couldn't even have the luxury of daydreaming. I had to stay focused on my patients, since I was the anesthetist.

I'm just glad that I got home before dark, got to take care of my critters,  and now sit here sipping hot soup and listening to the rain on the metal roof. The sound of more rain is still welcome, considering that the experts are forecasting a drought for next year. Any rainwater that can be banked within the lava below will be worth it's weight in gold once the drought arrives. So bring on the rain! 

Tomorrow is gardening all day. Wahoo! 

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