Thursday, May 29, 2014

Some More Building Supplies

Yesterday I had to run to Kona to take my mother's dog to the vet for surgery (Carmen is ok and mom is now happy), so I spent the six hours I had to wait by browsing the stores for house ideas. Ended up coming home with several gallons of paint, lumber for making shelves, two big slabs of ash to make door sills out of, several boxes of assorted nails, cup hooks, wood filler, wood glue, and silicone caulk. And a catchment tank liner, but that story is for another post. Rather boring stuff, except for the liner. But my eye also caught some neat shelf brackets on sale. 

Don't know where I'll use them yet, but I'm sure to find a spot. The price was too good to pass up, considering that I can use them.  It's time to start the finishing off in the livingroom and kitchen. The budget is pretty limited for this, so I'm being a bit picky on what I'm purchasing. I'm actually thinking of making some natural hooks and towel racks out of ohia and koa branches. Guess I'll discover if I good at whittling or not. 

The ash slabs I bought are for the door sills where we removed the two sliding glass doors. David has experience working with ash and has custom made sills in the past. Thus the job falls to him. I'd most likely just muck it up. So I'll go do something else that I know I can handle. 


  1. It looks like these are some great supplies for doing construction! I like that you are using ash for your window sills, I think it will look really great. I've been wanting to get some remodeling done in my home, but it's hard to find everything I need to get started. Where did you end up getting most of your construction supplies?

  2. Hi Julie! Living on an island makes getting certain building supplies challenging. So often we have to modify our ideas to fit what's available. Sure I could custom order from the mainland, but then shipping costs become prohibitive. Therefore we buy most items, especially construction items, from places like Home Depot. Our cedar and ash comes from a wood importer, so it's pricy. has become a favorite place for ordering other things, like hardware, shelving, etc. with Prime, the shipping is free. Not every supplier will honor Prime when it comes to Hawaii, but we've done well ordering from I had to change my ideas with the kitchen because a supplier wouldn't honor Prime, but it wasn't all that big a deal changing the plan. Instead of pullout wire mesh drawers we simply went with open shelves. I'm got use to the shelves now so it's fine.

    1. That must be so frustrating when people don't honor Prime! I feel like that isn't very fair at all. If it says you should get free shipping they should stick to their guns and not back out because of where you live. I'm glad you were able to find an alternative for you plan though.