Sunday, February 3, 2019


I haven't been posting anything lately because basically I haven't been doing anything new. The homestead project is gradually transitioning from the developmental stage to the functional stage. Projects have been getting completed. All my field fencing is in. All the pastures fenced. All the needed compost bins built and in use. Most of the hugelpits created and planted.....though I can always find more pits to fill on this 20 acres. Most of the gardens created. The driveway finished. The barn built. The house almost done. Etc...etc...etc. Much has slipped from creation to maintenance. That's just fine, but it makes for a dull blog. 

Since my last post, I've been busy with the same old/ same old. I planted 12 more pipinola, 17 pineapples, and two banana trees. I put in 250 more onion plants and have leeks coming soon that I can add to the gardens. I've been emptying and refilling compost bins. And adding material to the margin gardens along the driveway, having completed another 17 foot long section (that's where the pineapples are going). 

This weekend I got the second quarantine pen completed for new piglets, lambs, or whatever. Nothing is living there at the moment, but it's nice to have it ready just in case it's needed. 

Then there's the routine maintenance that always needs doing...... greasing the numerous locks and hinges around the farm, repairing rusted spots along the fences, repairing the driveway gates, treating the rust on the catchment tanks, cleaning water pumps, completing the fix on the utility cart wheel (I had used wire to make a temporary fix. Now I got the correct washers and cotter pins.) 

While I really enjoy creating and experimenting, I'm not the least bit disappointment that much of that is completed. It's about time that I have the opportunity to make this homestead into a functioning farm. Some people might see that as boring, it as work, but I see it as satisfying and fulfilling. 

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