Friday, February 22, 2019

Too Wet Once Again

There's so much I want to get done, but it's been tough. Things have been too wet again. Lots of rain and little sunshine between the rain to dry up the wet. Oh well. Such is life. 

I've been getting a bit of work done. Got the 20 foot long section of rock wall completed. And in my efforts to clean up the goat pasture I discovered another pile of not-giant-sized rocks which I promptly moved up to the driveway for wall building. So another 10 foot section got created along the opposite side of the driveway. One of these days this long driveway will actually be lined with rock wall. I think it's beautiful. I hope that a future owner thinks is too and doesn't bulldoze it away. One never knows,

Got some planting done, some of it in the rain.......
400' square feet of cholesterol spinach 
11 pipinolas
12 pineapples
32 chaya cuttings planted
4 bananas trees

I hadn't planned on expanding my chaya production, but the last windstorm blew down one of the large plants, so I chopped it up into cuttings. So since it was available, I went ahead and planted them. I'm not a big eater of chaya, but I can always cook it up in the livestock slop-n-glop pot. Both the chickens and pigs gobble it down that way. 

My poor laundry hasn't gettin dry in days. One of the downsides of using a clothesline. This might prompt me into making that solar clothes dryer that I've been meaning to do for years now. Yeah, I'm a little behind on project completion! 

The weed/fern pulling project in the first pasture is almost done. Just one more day's work to go!!!! David took on the second pasture enclosure and weed whacked all the ferns down. I'm going to seed both pastures the same way and see what the difference is. I already know that most the ferns won't grow back in the handpulled pasture, and that ferns will slowly return in the weedwacked one. But can the growing oats and corn out compete the ferns? Will the sheep eat tender young ferns? Will the ferns die away if the keep topping them with a weedwacker? Or will the fern regrow in the weedwacked section overtake all the efforts? All questions yet to be answered. 

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