Thursday, February 14, 2019

Gasoline Storage

"B" noted that I use a number of gasoline powered tools. He wondered how I handled acquiring and storing gas.

Yes, I use gasoline. It's an expense and not sustainable, but regardless, I use it....and hope to be able to continue to use it for the time that I'm working this farm. Gasoline powers my generators, the one that boosts the solar batteries as needed, and the portable one that I use for power tools about the farm. I also have atv's that are gas powered. And I still use the gas chainsaw and weedwacker, although I tend to prefer the battery ones. It all depends upon the job at hand. The gasoline ones have a lot more power. 

Buying gas isn't a problem. 8 to 10 miles either direction along the highway are gas stations. I normally go by a gas station 6 days a week during my routine travels. Thus acquiring gasoline isn't a hassle. 

Storing : I don't store large amounts of gas. I normally try to keep about 10 gallons of regular on hand and 6 gallons of e-free. That way the gas doesn't get stale. 

I have a dedicated gasoline storage box. 

This was a box we had made for another project and no longer needed it. So we added air vents in the back for ventilation and use it for gas storage.

I normally leave the top propped open a tad for ventilation, plus to let rain run off. Oh, I could make some fancy do-dad to keep it propped at the desired angle, but the piece of 2x2 does the job just fine. 

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