Monday, February 25, 2019

Piglets Soon?

Lava looks to be getting near the end of her pregnancy. Since I've never seen this before, I can't say for certain that piglets are soon to arrive. But she's developed quite the set of udders. 

She hasn't been nesting yet. But do pigs makes nests? Based upon the behavior of the feral sow in the back of my property, I assume that Lava will want a shelter to give birth in. So I cobbled pallets together to make a rain shelter for her. I first measured the feral sows lava tube shelter in the back of the farm, then made Lava's about 6 inches wider. Not that Lava is bigger.....its just that the pallets fit together better that way. Lava has been checking the new shelter out, but so far doesn't hang around it. She still prefers her spot under the trees. 

With all this wet I packed some dry grass in her new shelter. Lava checked that out too but still hasn't decided to lay down there. Later today after the rain slows down I plan to spread a bag of sawdust in there to help keep the dampness down. We shall see what Lava thinks of that. 

I truly have no idea if she is about to give birth or is still a few weeks away. Having never seen this before, I only gave a general idea of what's happening. It will surely be a learning experience for both of us. 

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