Sunday, February 10, 2019

Cold Day

People hoping to try homesteading to one degree or another often ask me how many days a week I work at it. That's tough to say, because every week is different. Take today got instance. Other than feeding the livestock and moving the sheep into a safer pasture, zero farm work got done. Zero. That's because it was an unsafe day to work outdoors. Windy much of the day with gusts that kept leaves and small branches flying out of the trees. As of last count at 3 pm, I had a dozen banana trees bent over in half, or completely knocked to the ground, plus two medium sized eucalyptus trees down. I haven't walked the property yet, so I really don't know the damage thus far. But certainly, it isn't a safe day to be out and about. 

Usually I work 5 days a week when I can. But I also do volunteer work and farm visits, which often means I actually work 4 days a week. I work on the farm because I like to. It's not a drudge job to me. 

So the answer to how many days a week do I work on the farm? many as I can. 

Tomorrow, if this storm passes, will be a clean up day. Not much else will get accomplished. Looks like I'll be harvesting a lot of firewood and livestock feed (the downed bananas).

Thinking of firewood, boy am I glad I have dry wood stockpiled. Brrrrrr. Chilly today. The high was only 64°. That's the coldest high temperature since I started recording weather statistics back in 2004. With the blustery wind and dampness, it made for an uncomfortable house. So I started the! I never dreamed that I'd be glad to have a woodstove in Hawaii. 

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