Monday, December 3, 2018

Sq Ft Totals to Date for 2018

Recently I've planted :
16 banana trees
60 sq ft of sweet potatoes
20 pineapples 

This makes the totals for the year so far..........

Single plants : 
4 moringa
24 bananas
2 citrus
121 pineapples scattered about the farm
30 pipinola scattered about the farm 

Sq ft of garden space planted : 
699 turmeric
18 yacon
45 potatoes
234 sweet potatoes
30 cholesterol spinach
66 pipinolas
30 chocolate mint
950 taro
72 peas
305 fresh green beans
396 pineapple

As you can deduce, there's not been much veggie farming this year. It's been unusually wet, so much of what I planted rotted, got mildew, or was destroyed by slugs. Thus I've done a lot more food buying than I had planned on, but still got quite a bit from the farm via what I had frozen, dried, and already growing. But things are now looking up. It's drying out. I've ordered onion plants. I'm starting seeds in the mini greenhouses. I'm an optimist. 

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