Sunday, December 2, 2018

Making Hay While The Sun Shines

It's been another one of those stretches where things have been quiet on the blog. Again, I'm not sick or dead. I've been working getting things done while it's sunny....well at least not raining. It's been so wet the past couple years that I get into a work frenzy when it's not raining. 

Chores accomplished.....
...create spots for more crops, particularly margins along the driveway
...plant 6 banana trees
...plant 60 sq ft of sweet potatoes
...plant 20 pineapples
...pull or weedwack down ferns in the pastures. Over 2 acres cleared!!!!!
...empty and refill 2 compost bins
...mulch all the taro beds
...refurbish the small utility wagon - sand, os-pho, and paint
...fix the main driveway gate -- shore up the deteriorating corner, os-pho & paint it
...move the sheep to new pasture (believe me, it wasn't easy this time!)
...start harvesting the turmeric on the new deck
...clean out my truck. If you saw the truck you'd understand it's like cleaning out your overstuffed toolshed. It was time to go through all the stuff crammed behind the seats and sort it out. 

Wish I had gotten more tasks done, but I always seem to put too much on my plate. Lofty goals, I suppose. 

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