Wednesday, December 5, 2018

New Deck

I'm still working in our house, though I'm almost done. Still have the bathroom to finish, but we got a bug in our butts about wanting a hot tub to soak in. So suddenly the outdoor deck became the priority job. 

A low deck is rather simplistic. Well, it feels that way after building most of a house. A few strategically placed concrete pier blocks, a few extra for supporting the weight of a full tub. Level everything up. 4x6 beams, 2x6 cross whatevers (I don't know the correct name for them), then 2x4 deck planks. Prime everything, two coats of deck paint (did the priming and first coat before the pieces were nailed together)....wallah! Deck. Oops, forgot to make a step in front of the sliding door. No problem. That's easy. Had time to prime the step, but the painting will get done later. 

The most difficult part of this job was getting the lumber here. And working with the 4x6s. They are heavy. Thankfully I have a helper to do the heavy stuff. 

1 comment:

  1. It turned out very well. The hot tub will be the center of attention.