Monday, December 17, 2018

Naalehu Holiday Parade

Night time holiday parade in town. Wow, how crazy, no? But boy, it was fun! 

Lots of families came out and lined the street. And to my surprise and delight, there were plenty of parade participants. 

And while the parade route was short, it was just long enough for everybody to get a front row seat. Ending up in our community park, everybody headed over there for free chili & rice  while plenty of children hit the playground. It was a special time for the children. I'm sure that playing in the playground at night plus seeing Santa Claus will be a fond memory for a long time. 

Plus the lite up trucks, tractors, fire engines, and ATVs were enough to excite even the child living inside the adults' hearts. 

Ya know, things like this make my small town something special. 

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