Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Farm Kids, the Human Kind

There's a local farm family near me that is doing a grand job at home style farming. The children actually want to help and take an active role in farming. I look at them and see myself, but I wasn't fortunate enough to grow up on a farm. I was born in the city, dang.

Above, pressing their oranges for selling fresh juice at the farmers market. Every week I buy at least one glass of fresh juice from this young man. 

Above, another young fella opening coconuts for the tourists. He sells quite a few and is a popular subject for a video. He actually runs is own market tent separate from the family farm tent. 

Getting young people interested in farming should be a priority in my opinion. But society seems to not agree. In my own area, school kids are being either channeled toward college (thus a non-farming life) or towards nothing. Yes, kids graduate high school here with zero skills, zero training in how to support themselves, and zero job openings to apply to. I really wish there was vocational training here to train the kids a skill, or how to grow things. The kids pictured here may or may not grow up to be farmers, but they are learning valuable skills & knowledge they won't be getting in any modern school around here. They are going to do just fine as adults. 

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