Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Driveway Gate Maintenance

Another of those tasks I tackled during this dry spell was the main driveway gate. It's been needing painting for months now, but where could I assure two days of no rain? Fat chance of finding that! Anyway, it's finally happened. Two days ago I made my move. 

Day 1.....
...remove the "keep stray dogs out/keep my own animals in" fencing off of the gate 
...sand away any rust. Luckily there wasn't much except for the lower corner where it rubs the ground, snagging lava along the way. For some reason I can open and close the gate without it dragging on the ground, but nobody else can. Nobody = hubby, Adam, & my next door neighbor. Is it because they're not the ones who will have to fix a broken gate? Or shall I be sexist and say it's a "man thing". Ha! 
...wash off any rust and mold. Lightly sand. Apply os-pho to any rust spots and specks. 
Day 2.....
...paint the gate ........bright yellow. Bright screaming yellow gates are fun! And it makes it easy to give directions. 
Day 3....
...attach mesh to the gate for critter control. The last time I used some 3"x2" welded wire fencing, but it proved not to be the best choice because it snagged in the ground, plus it rusted. This time I'm trying plastic chicken wire. We'll see how well that holds up. Attaching it was simple. I used zip ties. Since it's not the primary fence, the zip ties work just fine. 

Done. Another long awaited task done. 

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