Friday, October 12, 2018

Yacon in Bloom

The yacon is suddenly looking lush and grand. Perhaps the constant rain has affected it, or perhaps the shortening days has something to do with it. But the plants have grown taller, so tall that they are falling over and now cascade down the sides of the pallet boxes. The homemade soil/compost in the boxes don't give such tall heavy plants a good footing to stand upright.  

Even with the lack of solid footing and their tipping over, the plants are pushing blooms and starting to produce tubers. 

The tubers are still too young to harvest. By Thanksgiving Day I should be able to gently harvest some, with the bulk being ready by Christmas. That is, as long as the plants don't die back prematurely. In past dry periods I've had plants dieback early. 

Above, the typical leaves of the yacon. They look very much like sunflowers.......of course because they are in the sunflower family. 

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