Monday, October 29, 2018

Monthly Job List - October & November

"H" asked me if I have a month-by-month list of the jobs that need to be done on my homestead farm. 

I have no written list of tasks. I've often seen published lists of "what to do in ________" (fill in the month or season). I guess that's what "H" is looking for. Truthfully, I've never even thought of writing down a list. Perhaps I'm not all that forgetful yet, thank heaven! Now that I'm older, I have indeed become a list maker for some things. I find myself writing down a list of things to do, buy, harvest, etc. But often I walk away and forget to look at the list until the next day. So much for making a list! Egads, there's times when I even forget where I placed the list. Oh-oh, looks like I am indeed becoming forgetful. 

But to help "H" out, here's some of my list for October, if I were to have such a list. Keep in mind that since I garden year around, these special jobs are things I don't need to do the rest of the year. There's still plenty of year around tasks such as making compost, sowing seeds, harvesting, mowing, fence maintenance, etc.  
...harvest & process pineapples
...prepare garden space for pineapple starts and plant them 
...harvest & process guavas
...harvest & process lilikoi
...harvest & process coffee
...harvest & process avocados
...shear of any old wool from the sheep so that they can head into winter with good coats
...start making Christmas season presents ......sea salt, jackfruit candy, dried pineapple

There's lots of other things that are done every month, but they are not October-only tasks. Things like tilling, mowing, planting, harvesting, fence repair, compost making, deworming livestock, etc.

October is also a good time of year to evaluate the chicken flock. The egg laying hens are in one pen, while the mostly non-layers are in another. So if any of the previous egg layers look like they're pau laying, I'll graft them into the non-layer flock. Plus I'll take a closer look at the young growing chickens that are running around (I tend to let the youngsters be unpenned since they stick around the adult flock. By "around" I mean within a 300 foot radius.) The roosters will go into a "finishing pen" and the pullets will join the laying flock. 

Now for November.  I really don't know what the special November jobs will be. That's right, I never took notes. But I can see these things coming up....
...harvest the last of the pineapples 
...check on the progress of the citrus trees, especially the oranges
...harvest the guavas in my area, since those located at lower elevation are now pau
...harvest & process more of my coffee
...plant gourd seeds (this is also a good October job but this year was too wet to do it) 
...finish the Christmas packages and start thinking about getting them mailed

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