Thursday, October 25, 2018

Cozy House

Walking up the driveway after checking on the pigs (they turned out to be ok), I looked up toward the house. Wow, it looked so inviting and cozy! It was getting dark outside with a bit of light still in the sky, and the house glowed golden. It looked like just the place I wanted to be, to have a quiet dinner, then snuggle up with a good book. 

A warm sense of accomplishment and contentment washed over me. Yes, it's a good house. It's the house that we built. I personally know almost every board that went into it, plus every window and every door. I can truly say, it's my house. 


  1. Lovely photo! Very warm and welcoming. I know it makes you feel happy to live there.

    1. Yes, I'm really happy with my little place. It was my dream to be a farmer and build my own house. I'm totally grateful that I've been able to do that.