Monday, October 22, 2018

Planting More P & P's

Today I added 18 more baby white pineapples to the gardens. I'm hoping that next year I'll be drowning in pineapples. That would be grand. 

Found spots for a dozen more pipinolas. If you live here, you probably think I'm crazy growing all these pipinola. But they are an easy crop for feeding to the pigs and chickens.......and wwoofers. Low work crops are right up my alley! 

Speaking of pipinolas, I harvested an oddity today. You know, if you grow enough veggies you're bound to find some oddball ones. Well. This is the first oddball pipinola that I've come upon. It's a double, a Siamese twin so to speak. The pair in the foreground are joined. I put one behind them to show you what they normally look like. 

Pipinola fruits are always singles. Not only have I never seen two being produced on the same spot on the stem, I've never seen two joined. Pretty neat, I'd say. 


  1. I found a double strawberry in my patch in the '50s. It was a berry growing out of another berry this way: first a normal berry on a stem with a half inch stem coming out of the top with another berry (half size). The bottom one was red and the top green. This was in the Town & Country area outside the city of Sacramento.

  2. Cool! Isn't it fun to find these oddballs? I like discovering them.