Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Eating Pineapple

Recently I've been planting a lot of pineapple. Most of it will be used for trading, but since we both love pineapple, we also eat a lot of it. If I had to buy it in a supermarket, pineapple would be a rare treat, but on this farm, I grow dozens and dozens for our own consumption.  "E" wondered how we could eat all that pineapple, considering how acidic it was. Well "E", we don't eat it raw. Well.....let's say that we seldom it eat it raw. By far we prefer it cooked. Even when I chop it up in yogurt, sales, and smoothies, I use cooked pineapple slices. 

Our number one favorite way to prepare pineapple is to pan fry it in a little tad of butter. 

Sometimes we will fry it in the same pan with porkchops, thus picking up some garlic and pepper flavoring from the pork. Other times it's just butter, or perhaps bacon grease. I could pan fry it without the butter, but at my age I'm not about to deny myself this bit of pleasure. 

I initially tried grilling it. Yes, it's good that way too. But I seldom grill anymore. The old propane griller burned out several years ago and I never got around to replacing it. So I pan fry. It's quicker and just as yummy. 

By the way "E", pan fried pineapple isn't acidic. It's sweet and mild. It won't burn the lips or make the mouth sore. 

What meals do I serve pineapple with? Any and all. We have had it with yogurt or eggs for breakfast, on sandwiches for lunch, along side porkchops or chicken breasts, or as dessert. 

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  1. Su, the sauteed pineapple sounds delicious. How long does it take the pineapple from when you plant, to harvest? Thank you for all the great information.