Saturday, March 24, 2018

Today On The Farm

Roaring fire in the wood stove, lap blanket draped over my legs as I lay back in a comfy lounge chair, a hot cup of coffee warming my hands, a seed catalog opened on my lap. the puppy playing at my feet, rain pounding on the roof......sounds like a hard day on the farm in Hawaii, no? If this rain storm was snow, I'd think I was back in NJ. In fact, here's some photos that were sent to me today from the place we used to live on back in NJ......

Beautiful snow! But I'm glad I don't have to drive in it, work outdoors, shovel the stuff. But boy is it pretty! This picture brings back lots of nice memories, and also some painful ones. Snow is so pretty to look at and play in. 

Above, the scene around the pond is as pretty as a Christmas card. 

Today I have a storm to get through. Rain. Lightning. Wind. But thankfully no snow, except atop the two mountains. Snow up there will mean a chilly night tonight. 

Getting ready for a storm on this farm means feeding all the livestock a bit extra food, checking the rain shelters and tarps, picking up anything that might blow away. I'll bring in a couple of bags of firewood, enough to last until Monday. I'll hang the raincoat by the front door. Yup, I'm set. And while I verbally say that I'm glad it won't be snow, the child in me wishes it would.

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