Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Grow Box Update

Here's an update on the newest grow boxes. 3 are now full and planted. Boxes 1 & 2 are planted with yacon. The third box has potatoes, a variety that I'm growing for seed production. It's a new one for me called Adirondack Blue. 

The photo below shows the potatoes. The soil surface has settled down about a foot. By the time the potatoes are ready to harvest, I expect it to sink down another foot. It's to be expected as the fill material composts down. 

The fourth box is now full and I plant to plant potatoes in that one too. The fifth box is half way full. So it looks like I'm ready to build a few more boxes. 

So why am I using boxes in this spot? Because my sheep periodically graze the grass in this area. I wouldn't be able to grow any food for myself without the sheep either eating it or trampling it. The boxes are built atop lava rock where the grass sparsely grows. Thus the spot wasn't even productive for growing sheep food. But the boxes change all that. I can grow food for myself without the sheep being able to reach it. Yes, the sheep leave the boxes alone. Now the goats and donkey are a different story. They'd reach up and eat everything they could. It never dawns on the sheep to do that. Yes, I keep the goats and donkey away from the grow boxes. 

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