Saturday, March 31, 2018

A Nice Day To Look Forward To

Roosters crowing in the distance brought me gradually awake this fine morning. Another morning of bright sunlight, no rain. Wonderful. Day #5 of mostly no rain. Surfaces are actually drying out. My laundry got dry yesterday. I even mowed lots of grass this week for a change. Five days of nice sun has lifted that lurking feeling of depression that's been hanging around, threatening to take me over. 

This past week I've kept busy whipping the farm back into shape. I've made a dent in the task, but there's still a lot to be done. It's been lots of weeks of weeds a'growing, grasses a'creeping, and no a'planting in the garden beds. 

Tasks accomplished thus far.....
...clean up the banana trees
...refill the compost boxes (2 jobs accomplished at the same time, I weeded all the garden beds around the house, driveway, and secret garden)
...haul compost to the beds I just weeded, then till it in
...mow grass daily to feed the livestock (they are excited to see green grass instead of haycubes)
...mow more grass to use for mulching and compost making
...mine soil to use for topping new grow boxes so that they are ready for planting
...move the rocks I dug up while mining soil to the rock wall being built along the driveway
...plant the four banana keiki I got from a friend
...plant about 3 dozen tomato cuttings that I got from another friend

Ya know, I'm tired just looking over that list. One thing I discovered working this week is that I'm out of shape!!! Weeks of not routinely working has turned me into a soft blob. I even gained weight! Sheesh, those extra pounds hafta go. Those flabby muscles are due for some boot camp. 

Getting back into the farming groove has improved my mood. I'm ready for action! Bring on those seed packets! I want to see things growing in the gardens, seedlings filling the greenhouses. 

Today (Saturday) is a partial day of rest. The sunshine has me chomping at the bit to go get dirty on the farm, but we traditionally spend time with friends on the weekends. The morning is booked. But sometime after noon don't be surprised to find me down in the fields, sneaking a bit of playing in the dirt. 

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