Saturday, March 3, 2018

A Wet February

Rain for February --  9.39 inches

This past month has been wet, real wet. There were only 6 days when the farm didn't see rain of some amount, and only 3 of those days had any sunshine. Needless to say, living off grid we were running the generator practically every evening. That's one of the downsides of being off grid. 

We're now into March and guess's still raining! 

How does all these rain days effect the farm? 
...I can't work the soil. Tilling or digging soil this wet will significantly damage it.'s impossible to walk among the plants without spreading any diseases or pests that might exist.
...the plants are barely growing and veggies not maturing. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are rotting. 
...the sheep and donkey are starting to show some skin problems. It's impossible to convince them to stay dry. The goats come into shelter on a regular basis to dry out, so they are doing fine. 
...mold is trying to grow in places I don't want it, like inside the house. 
...I can't get the laundry dry, even the stuff I hung up in the greenhouses. The air humidity is too high, plus there is no sun. 

Boy, I am so looking forward to falling asleep at night listening to the dang coqui frogs rather than the rain falling on our metal roof!!!! Please, give me a few dry days. 

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