Saturday, December 2, 2017

Mini Greenhouse Fixes

My Initial experiment with the mini greenhouses were a success. My hubby saw them as failures because....
....the plastic shredded 
....the ground cloths became slug motels 

Those two problems just need tweeking. Since I plan to keep using these mini greenhouses, I'm upgrading to greenhouse plastic. Greenhouse plastic is thicker, stronger, and UV resistant. Between the winds here and the tropical sun, I don't expect to get 10 years out of it, but if I can get several years I'll be happy enough. 

Covering the ground was good for weed control, but bad for dealing with slugs. When I pulled back the ground cloth just to check out of curiosity, YIKES! It was a slug haven. They must have been having weekly orgys because there were slug eggs here, there, everywhere. Hundreds, no thousands, of slugs. Ok, the ground cover was a real bad idea. It allowed water to drain through it and create a nice dark, moist environment. So it had to go. I'd rather deal with weeds. 

Recovering the mini greenhouses wasn't difficult, it just took time. Lots of backing out screws then re-screwing in order to reattach plastic sheeting. Working at a good clip, it took me 20 minutes to do each mini greenhouse. 

At-da! Job done. Ready for replanting. 


  1. Of course, you COULD treat some hens to a banquet, with maybe a surrounding portable fence...

  2. Funny thing about my hens. They basically only eat cooked slugs! Crazy, no? I've seen them eat the occasional flat slug, but not the round ones. The flat ones are less slimy. Perhaps that's the reason. Those round slugs are quite slippery. But if I throw them (slugs, not hen's) into the cook pot along with the rest of slop & glop, they'll eat every one.

    I tried Muscovy ducks once, since I was told that they eat every slug they find. Didn't work out that way for me. They greedily ate every flat slug but wouldn't touch the round ones.