Thursday, December 21, 2017

Greenhouse Back Online

I'm covering my greenhouses in greenhouse plastic. As you recall, I initially used off-the-shelf, run of the mill poly plastic, but it is not UV protected. So it lasted less that a year.  After looking around, I found a source for greenhouse poly who would ship it to Hawaii at a reasonable cost. I bought 4 rolls. In hindsight, I should have ordered 6. Oh well. 

The first greenhouse is now recovered. Without much hesitation, I went about adding fresh compost to the beds and lightly tilled it in. 

All these bags were half filled with compost, so I used quite a lot. Why? The beds inside this greenhouse only had a few inches of soil, so I needed to add volume. 

After tilling, it didn't take me long to drag out the veggie seeds. The little blue sticks indicate where I planted them so that I will know where to target the watering hose. 

This house will be growing cucumbers, tomatoes, and zucchini squash. Both the Dukes and the squash are parthenocarpic. Tomatoes self pollinate. If you recall, I have the ends of the greenhouse screened. This is designed to exclude the pickle worm moth and fruit flies. Thus I'm going with veggie varieties that I don't need to hand pollinate myself. 

ps- 12-22-17 greenhouse #2 got covered in be greenhouse poly

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