Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Adding a Wash Sink to the Tool Shed

This is a very simplistic set up. The tank collects rainwater off the roof of the small tool shed. 

Putting a spigot onto the tank was easy...just picked up the parts at the hardware store and drilled a hole...install. So easy that even someone like me can do it. 

The spigot purposely isn't taking water directly off the bottom of the tank. Over time, debris and silt will build up on the bottom of the tank. So if the water outlet was there, it would have a problem of getting clogged. By mounting the spigot higher up, the clogging problem is avoided and the tank needs to be cleaned far less frequently. 

No pump is needed with this set up. The water gravity drains into the tank, and also gravity drains into the sink. Of course the pressure isn't high, but I'll just be rinsing off tools and my hands. Any dribble will do. 

The sink is just mounted on some wood scraps. Nothing fancy. It's enough to hold the sink in place for a few years before the wood needs replacing. The wood cost me zero $. For now the sink drains into a bucket, which I can empty onto the nearest fruit tree. Eventually I'll pick up a sump pump hose to direct the water directly to a tree so that I can eliminate that bucket. 

Finishing touches on this project will be to paint the shed, install some shelves and hooks for garden tools. Plus put a stocking over the end of the water pipe going into the tank. Why? To catch most of the debris so that it doesn't end up in the tank. See, there's still something I can use that old pantyhose for! I bought dozens of packs of pantyhose over with me when I moved here, not knowing that I'd never again wear it again in my lifetime. They come in handy for filtering rainwater. 

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  1. Simpler is always better. :) Love the idea of using the pantyhose as a filter. Most of the debris in the tank is leaves from the roof so that will help even more with clean-out and cleanliness!