Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Different Kind of Rain

The past 48 hours has seen a nice rain....close to 3 inches total so far. Might see more rain today, but I'm not anticipating much. 

This storm is what we refer to as a Kona storm. It comes from the south and west. And usually we see them in the summer. This one was a bit different in that it actually blew the rain sideways and kept us in a cloud repeatedly for hours at a time. I've never seen a storm like this since I started keeping weather records back in 2004. 

Quite a surprise to come out to a wet porch. This porch is under a roof (not the steps, but just the porch). Normally it stays dry even in heavy rains. Not this time. Everything was wet, including the clothing I had hanging from the ceiling airing out. 

The protected window had rain running down the screen. Never happened before, but a side benefit is that it washed the worst of the volcanic dust off the screens. 

Even the screen door leading into the house had streams of rainwater running down it. And this screen door is 6' back from the edge of the porch roof. This is something I expected while living in NJ, but not here. 

Besides what the rain soaked, even things inside the house were damp. Felt like there was a thin film of moisture over everything. Must be the effects of being in a cloud for hours. There's not a blessed thing in my house that doesn't feel wet. The bed sheets, the clean clothes I put on in the wonderful ☹️. Putting on damp clothes is not high on my enjoyment list. 

Now please understand I'm not whining. For my records I just want to document this unusual event. This is not the kind of rains we have been seeing here for the past several years. I hope it's not a new trend, otherwise I'm going to have to make some modifications to my house. 

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  1. That is the weather we usually get herre when the weather comes across the Pacific from Hawaii; nicknamed the pineapple express.