Saturday, October 21, 2017


You're going to start hearing me talk about what Adam is doing around the farm. Adam is a new addition to the homestead. At 25 years of age, he's the young blood around here. He's come to join the homestead as a general property caretaker and farmhand. We're really pleased to have him join us and hope he enjoys staying around for awhile. 

Caretakers and wwoofers are quite common in my area. Caretakers are used to maintain the second homes and future homes of folks living off island. It's fairly common for someone to purchase a home in advance of their retiring here, thus the home needs to be watched over by someone. In other cases, homeowners work off island at times (or go in world traveling trips), leaving their homes for months at a time. Again, a good situation to use a caretaker. Yet in other situations, the property owner simply has more than one property, living on one of them. The other is used for a business of some sort, such as macnut or coffee farming. Thus someone is often given permission to live on such Ag farms as a caretaker-watchdog, so to speak. Hawaii also has a high population of elderly, often in need of assistance. So often the elderly will share their homes with a caretaker-assistant. 

Wwoofers aren't caretakers, but they sometimes function partially as one. Some farms incorporate farm maintenance into their wwoofers' duties. Plus the very presence of wwoofers living on a farm provides a bit of farm security, and a presence in case of an emergency and a deterrent to theft.

Adam is a cross between caretaker and wwoofer. He's a bit of a wwoofer, seeking to learn about growing food and homesteading. Plus he's a bit of a caretaker, providing security, presence, and upkeep for the farm. But the bottom line is that's he's a nice person, a pleasure to have around. We're enjoying him being around and hope that the feeling is mutual. 

One of Adam's early projects is to care for the new dairy goats. His goal is to regraft the two kids back onto their mother, a task that will require lots of patience and time. 

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