Monday, July 31, 2017

Ka'u Farm School - In Session Again

The Ka'u Farm School was back in session thus week. "Yours truly" was in attendance because I'm always interested in learning some new tidbit about growing food. And yup, I learned a few. 

Stacy & Rachel were there to promote their new endeavor, the Hoveatery. Their next event is this August 11. It's pretty neat to see people making meals using our local foods from small growers. I fully support their efforts! 

Greg, a small local farmer, was there to talk about home food gardens. With the help of other local knowledgable food folks, they gave great demos and info about various gingers..... shampoo ginger and how to harvest the "shampoo"; turmeric; false cardamom (the seeds are used for flavoring and the leaves as wrappers for foods especially fish); galingale (mild edible root and flower). They also encouraged people to grow yacon, pipinola, plukenetia, and moringa. Plus gave us a chance to smell and taste some. 

Also demo'd was some nursery cutting propagation using clean sand rather than a potting mix. Plus seeding greens (lettuce, tatsoi, mizuna, mustard) in potting soil for a cut n come again salad harvest. Greg showed how small farmers make veggie transplants, called plugs, in specially designed trays. Attendees had the opportunity to take some home for their own gardens, 

Raina gave an overview of upcoming programs. The Ka'u Farm School has proven itself more than just a flash in the pan and other organizations are starting to notice. With funding finally being offered, the school can now bring in outside speakers and host further workshops. Wow, it's in its way! 

And finally, before we all stepped up to the potluck buffet, Kyle talked about the local Farmers Union. 

All in all, another very nice presentation for our fledgling school. 

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