Monday, July 24, 2017

First Pineapple of the Season

Yup, it's pineapple time again! 

Last Thursday I picked the first one. This week there are a couple more ready. So far it's the white ones that are coming ripe. I do have a few of the gold type, but truthfully I forgot to mark the plants so I'm no longer sure which ones they are. Perhaps this year I'll remember to tag them. 

White? Yes. Hawaii grows a white fleshed (actually very pale goldish) that is sweeter and much less acidic than the gold types. But it's also not a good shipping type, so it's just available locally. Just about everyone in my area grows the whites instead of the golds. 

If you ever make it to Hawaii, you really need to try a white pineapple that was ripened on the plant. Heaven! Grill it, and it's even sweeter. 

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