Monday, February 1, 2016

Flowers in My Salad

Personally I like the idea of growing edible flowers. Sure it's a part of self sufficiency, but it like the beauty of them in my food. Hubby is just the opposite. They are not something he ate as a child, so he sees no need to start eating them as a adult. Oh well, his loss, my gain. 

Above is a bowl of mixed greens topped with lovely nasturtiums. I end up eating all the flowers. Can't even sneak one colorful tidbit passed hubby. Sigh. 

It may surprise you that I never ate a flower until I came to Hawaii. Like hubby, I had the opinion that I never ate them before and I wasn't starting. But getting into my self sufficiency project, I opened my mind to possibilities. Flowers are openly acceptable now. How pretty! 


  1. I love growing and using edible flowers in my food!
    Nasturtium blooms and leaves specially, have a nice peppery taste to them. Try chopping some in a softened stick of butter, then roll it into a small log, wrap in Saran or wax paper and freeze. Cut and place a pat on a just off the grill steak! Or use soft on bread or crackers...Delicious!

  2. I'm with you 100%. I eat COLORFUL! How do we end up with men who don't? Here's my husband's color scheme: White, brown and yellow. The yellow is for the cheddar cheese he has on his cheeseburger. We once had a waitress ask (in jest, of course) Are you my son? when hub asked for cheeseburger plain dry nothing on it just meat and cheese. It's a freakin' miracle he is still alive at age 65.