Friday, February 5, 2016

Seed Farm Update

I've been quiet on the blog during the month of January simply because I've run out of free time. The time I've normally spent blogging and reading has been usurped by my first income generating project. Not that I intend to switch over to a life of all work and no relaxation. Naw. I just got enthused and hooked on starting this new project. Now that the first baby step is underway, I need to slow down and be less intense. I noticed that I was gradually slipping back into the rat race lifestyle. Whoa........."slow down, you move too fast, ..." Yeah, I gotta make my mornings last.       :)

In order to have a micro seed retail business, I need seed to sell. I plan to sell only my own farm produced seed. Thus I've been setting up seed grow boxes down on the seed farm to grow them. In fact, I've hammered together 32 new boxes and am working on filling them up with compostable debris. I got the boxes made in just 4 days, but filling them will take a weeks. So far I've got 6 filled and seeded with beans, plus another 11 in the process of being filled. Now that I'm seeing the first boxes germinating, the frantic need to fill boxes seems to have lessened somewhat. My senses seem to be returning to me, rather than being over consumed with my new ideas. So time to back off, smell the roses, enjoy the sunsets. Ah, time to remember why I moved here. 

So far I've lined up 28 bean varieties to grow. Some snap beans, dry soup types, cowpeas, limas. And so far 9 pea varieties that I really like. A few shelling types but mostly snaps and snows. Next I'll take a  look over the radishes and decide which to grow. Now that I've got things rolling, I'm thinking that adding just one or two grow boxes a week would be just fine. No, I need to back off let's say just one a week for now and see how that goes. 

No photos yet of the seed farm progress, but I'll get to it some day. 

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