Monday, February 22, 2016

Walkin Closet

I've been trying this past week to get some of my various projects completed. I have a whole long list of partially done things and it would feel good to say that a few more are done, over, complete, pau. One of those projects is the walkin closet. 

The ceiling needed to be finished off by trimming out the sides and sheathing the rafters. The most difficult part is the fact of working over one's head. All the boards were painted before being nailed into place, but they're going to need a second coat. Yuk. As you can see in the photos, all the little divets and nail holes have been filled in, so once it is dry and lightly sanded, the final coat of paint will finish it off. 

I chose "Orchard Street" for the color. Warning.....don't go pick paint when you're hungry. The moment I saw the color I thought "orangesicle...yum". So I bought it. Luckily I still liked the color when I painted the wood. 

So the closet is just about done. A final coat of paint and two light fixtures, and pau. Done. Finished. Over. Complete. 

Ok, ok. Not quite done. Yes, I need to install a hanger pole for clothes. And put in some shelving. But I'm going to call it done anyway. It feels so good to tick off another job from my list. 


  1. On those House Flipping Shows you see painters and mudders on short stilts when working on ceilings. I don't know if I could do it. Well, yes, I could do it but OMG it would take a lot of practice. Hey, if they can do it... Just sayin'

    1. I brother, I can just see me trying to walk on stilts!