Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Front Door Symbolizes Self Reliancy

door handle
Our home's front door epitomizes my idea of self reliancy. It is a daily nudge to keep me focused on the idea of self reliancy. Plus it shows that it need not look like one is living in the middle of a junk yard when your home uses recycled/repurposed materials. The door is unique, pretty, and functional. 

The door is made from lumber salvaged from an old redwood water catchment tank. The hinges came off an old door. The metal band holding the planks came from something salvaged, though I forgot what. The screws are recycled/salvaged. The lock, handle, and latch handmade from trees on the property. The exterior handle is made from a bent branch from an ohia tree. I'm not sure which tree species are used for the interior handle and latch. 

I do not take  credit for making this door. It's the creation of the previous owner. And it's a wonderful creation. It is solid, well made, and will last the lifetime of this house.

These homemade latches/handles work flawlessly. They are really ingenious. Very smooth and easy to work. The top interior latch is the locking mechanism. It's a sliding lock. 

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