Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Naming Sheep

Yeah, I'm a romantic in a way. I like the idea of all my critters having their own individual name. The only ones that all don't get their own names are the chickens. But even there, about a dozen are named.

I don't recall how it got started, but all my ewes get "ewe" names and the rams "ram" names. In the past there has been:
   Ewe-R-Cute (Cutie pie)
   Ewe-Reka (Reka)
   Ewe-Thanasia (Asia)
   Ewe-Phoria (Four)
   Ewe-Genics (Jenny)
   Ewe-Goslavia (Via)
   Ewe-Kon River (River)
   Hey-Ewe (Hey-U)
   Ewe-R-A-Keeper (Keepsie)
   Ram-Bunctious (Bunky)
   Ram-Part (Bart)

Current  adult sheep that I'm keeping:
   Ewe-Too (Toosie)
   Ewe-Da-Mama (Mama)
   E-Ram (E-Ram)

The spring battle fed babies will be:
   Ram-Page (Page)
   Ewe-Catan (Tan)
   Ewe-Kon (Connie)
   Ewe-Station (Stacy)
   Ewe-Ca Gloriosa (Glory)
   Ewe-Kon Gold (Goldie)
   Ewe-L Tide (Tidy)

Some names awaiting lambs to be born:


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