Saturday, February 3, 2018

Red Banana

Checking my banana trees today, I saw that one of my new trees is blooming. And SURPRIZE... it's a red one. This is my very first red banana. Whoppie! 

See, not all bananas are yellow. I really didn't know that until I moved to Hawaii. Yes, I lived a very sheltered life. In fact, I thought all bananas were the same....the supermarket kind. I got a big education when I arrived here.

This tree was given to me. I have no idea what kind of banana it is. But I'm real interested to see what it's like to eat. It will be awhile before they are ripe, but I'll give you a report when that happens. 

This photo below was taken when the sun disappeared. The bananas look purple. Looks pretty cool. It would be fun if they really were that dark a purple, but it looks like they will be reddish in reality. Ha, who says photos don't lie! 

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