Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Pallet Grow Box Upgrade

Yeah, I'm always trying something a little new. Just tweeting my ideas to see if I find some slightly better way of doing it. Perhaps making something easier, quicker, sturdier, cheaper, etc. 

Sooooo, this week I made a new section of pallet boxes. These will be for the yacon. I cobbled together 5 in arow, nailing the back 3 pallets together using a piece of 2"x4" as the nailing brace. The door was left unnailed so that I can easily open the boxes for harvesting, emptying, etc. 

I'm trying a slight modification on attaching the door. Not much of a change, but it was easy to make. Now I'll see if it turns out to be just as serviceable. 

I used to wire all four pallets together so that they could be easily individually replaced. I'm finding that all 3 side & back pallets tend to rot out at the same rate. Because the rot rate is uniform, I'm now simply nailing the back 3 pallets together for stability reasons. Assembly is far simpler and quicker this way. 

Depending upon what the pallet boxes are being used for, they are lasting 2 to 4 years. I could patch them to make them last longer, but I have easy, free access to replacements. So is simpler to scrap the rotting ones (cut up for firewood or add them to a hugelpit) and plop in a replacement. 

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