Saturday, February 24, 2018


I recently harvested the seed pods from my jicama plant, so I removed the plant so that I could till in some soil amendments and plant the next crop. I wasn't expecting to see much, but I found three small jicamas to harvest. 

These are on the small side, but they're actually perfect size for hubby and I to add to a mixed salad. We prefer to eat them raw and sliced thin. In the past I've had jicama that was as big as a softball, but that was from a plant growing in soft, fertile garden soil. 

(A closer view.) 

What's it like to eat? Juicy. Crisp. Mild. Much like a water chestnut. I peel the tuber, then slice it up. 

 I've gotten quite a good supply of fresh seed from this tiny plant. I plan to sow a few in the coming week and store the rest for seeding later on. 

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