Friday, February 2, 2018

Quickie Rake Hanger

Here's a to make something to hang a rake on, in 10 seconds (longer if you're clumsy). 

Take two nails and one hammer. Pound the nails into the wooden post, far apart enough to fit the rake handle. Wallah, done! 

I use these two rakes back by the sheep pasture. The little one is for manure clean up, the larger one for everything else (mostly wind blown twigs). 

When I don't hang up tools, they end up just about anywhere. On the ground where they get stepped on or run over by the atv. Leaning on a fence, where the donkey knocks them over or chews on them. Up against a tree, whereupon I forget I left it there. I've been doing much better now that I have a spot where they get hung up between uses. I am not by nature a neat, organized person. But I sure do appreciate being able to find my rakes when I need them. 

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