Saturday, February 10, 2018

Lambs, Lambs, More Lambs

My, my, my, I didn't expect to have so many lambs arrive on the same day. On a nice, warm, dry day the flock increased by 4. Two of the ewes had singles, and Stacy (the lead ewe) had twins. Frankly I prefer singles, but twins are acceptable. Happily, there were no triplets this time. But I still have one more ewe getting ready to lamb, so I'll hold my breath and hope for a single. 

Now guess what..... all the new lambs are boys! A bit of a disappoint, that. So far this lambing session, I've only gotten one little girl, and she's an all white one. I'd prefer to see some color and markings. But she's healthy and hearty, so I'll take that over a sickly, weak colored one. 

Of the four new lambs, only one is pure white. One is white with brown legs, one is all brown, and the other is black with a white tipped tail and a white cap & scarf. Now if he had only been a girl! If fact, it's a shame with all the color that they all aren't females. Oh well, such is life. 

I'll eventually offer these boys as pets, but if they don't sell, then they're be sold for meat. I don't need any ram replacements this year. 


  1. Don't mind me, just gawking at the cuteness. That little butler boy is quite a looker... very suave!

    As always, I enjoy popping in and seeing what's going on at your farm. Keep doing what you're doing, and here's to hoping the rest of the lambings go well.

  2. I agree, lambs are so incredibly cute! By the way, the little butler boy and the solid brown one will be going to new homes as flock rams, but different farms. So they won't be getting neutered this week. No one has voiced interest in the white ones, so they will become freezer meat later this year.

  3. Thanks for the update! I notice you mentioned in the rain update post that you had five lambs now, with another one due later. Did I miss one? Butler, brown, muddy legs, the all white girl, and... ?

    Are you holding out? The suspense is killing me! :)

  4. Your suspense has a disappointing conclusion.......a single white boy.
    The final pregnant ewe's udder is filling out, so I'm projecting that she will lamb in 10 days, thereabout. She is white from two white parents, but she was mated to a black & white spotted ram whose sire was multi-colored Mystery Ram and his mother was all tan but from white parents (one had tan spots on its legs). So there is a chance of color on the new lamb.