Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Simple Greenhouses - Update

So here's where I last posted ......... 

Basic greenhouse structure is up. Next step -- build some raised beds. Why? Because the greenhouses are on a pahoehoe shelf (pretty much solid lava rock). There's less than an inch of soil in most spots. I'm making very simple raised beds, 12" deep, out of scrape and recycled plywood. 

Very, very simply constructed. I'm not looking for something that will last years. 

Before adding dirt, I lined the bottom with layers of cardboard to help deter the grass. 

Next, I started filling in with dirt that I harvested from on my own farm. 

Oops. I forgot to cover the plywood with some old black trash bags. I think that keeping the soil off the wood might make it last longer. That's the idea, at least. Luckily I hadn't put much dirt in yet. Then I went back to filling the bed. 

Another quick and simple thing, I temporarily secured the plastic with clothes pins. Once the box is filled and the soil prepared & ready for planting, I'll remove the clothes pins and tack the plastic edges down using a staple gun. 

Once I have the boxes 3/4 filled, I plan to add a goodly amount of compost and some horse & rabbit manure, and till it all before I plant something. Each box needs quite a bit of dirt to fill it, so it's going to take me awhile. 

Last tasks.....besides the to screen in the ends (to keep out fruit fly and pickleworm moth) and attach some sort of trellis to the greenhouse walls. 

The doorway is really simple for now, just draped screening that I can tie down to an upright 1x4. . Eventually I'll make a more substantial door. 

And in the above photo, and the one two more up, you can see that horizontal bamboo poles have been attached to the inside of the greenhouse. I figure I can tie string or attach some sort of trellis system to them. By the way, the bamboo grows right beside the greenhouses and can be seen rising above the house in the photo above. How conveniently located! Just dumb luck. 

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