Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ka'u Farm School -- Day 2

The new Ka'u Farm School held its second session this past weekend. As before, there was local interest. I hope it's enough to keep this project continuing. 

Greg gave a walk through of his farm, highlighting some of the organic style practices he's using to produce veggies. Lots of good hints. 

Our local State Rep (and chair of State Ag Dept) attended as a speaker, updating the group on what's happening ag-wise on our island. Topics of interest to the group included the tiny house bill, overnight campgrounds on ag land, the legality of a farm restaurant, water issues. 

"Soils" was the educational subject for the day. Soil science is such a huge topic, even if restricted to just Big Island, that the talk was basically an overview. But it hopefully was enough to get growers thinking about soil pH, soil composition, organic materials, plant nutrients. It's a start. 

So far the school has been more lecture than workshop. But it's not fair to judge this early in the program. It's a project in development. Judging from the talk among the crowd, they are hoping for more practical knowledge and workshop oriented sessions. 

I'm a big supporter of education...spreading the knowledge. So any kind of ag schooling is fine with me. I picked up a few good gems at this second session and I'm looking forward to the next! 

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