Sunday, March 12, 2017

Male Papaya Tree Update

Ok, it's been awhile since the male papaya tree suddenly, out of the blue, produced some fruits. It was quite a surprise. So I've been casually watching to see what developed.  

Two of the smaller fruits aborted while still quite small. And this week I noticed one of the remaining fruits changing color. Yesterday it got to looking rather ripe. Not a large papaya, but I'm just curious if there are seeds inside. 

Got up this morning with the intent of harvesting and tasting this one. But alas, a rat got to it first. 

I found it laying on the ground, well feasted upon. But lo and behold, I could see seeds inside.  

Since these initial fruits were produced, there has been no new ones. Just a profusion of male flowers, but no more female ones. I have no idea what triggered this tree to do this. 

Anyway, the tree is now in the way of where hubby wants to park his car. Since the tree is male, and I have plenty of other papaya trees, this one will go. Tomorrow out comes the chainsaw. 

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  1. But plant the seeds in an out of the way place maby start a lign of dule sex trees.